Jesuit Novitiate
Novitiate of the Euro-Mediterranean Province of the Society of Jesus

Two is better than one

by Giacomo Andreetta

The month retreat was for us first year novices an intense experience of communion and unity, from silent moments to emotional sharing.

Meanwhile, the same happened to our second year comrades in the struggle of everyday life. So, once back to the novitiate, we found ourselves to be more united as two different groups, but with the need to find a new balance as a single community.

It reminded me of the union of two different fabrics, not so much in color, as in material: the reflection of light, the texture, all the special features should exalt each other, creating dynamism and imagination, but to get the best results there must be patience and the ability to be honestly committed. As a consequence, for two weeks we tried to gels well again, without expecting to find the same people we got to know before the retire, but updating the relationships: we are both changed.

All this in the romantic setting of the bathrooms to clean and the dishes to be washed, including the cool carnival barbecue organized with the Provincial of Malta, Slovenia and Romania and the one day retire for the beginning of Lent. We spent nice moments together from the most witty chatter to the mutual and personal prayer.

Thursdays also were beautiful moments: leaving the novitiate we could have around us the mountains, the city’s buildings, the waves of the sea… What a perfect environment for a freer and more personal sharing, without having to think about other matters .

After this period together we are separating again: we first year novices are staying to garrison the fort while our comrades have been sent to different communities for “Lent Experiments”. This is our next challenge: keep us united in the distance, pray for each other and prepare for the next reunion in a month.


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