Jesuit Novitiate
Novitiate of the Euro-Mediterranean Province of the Society of Jesus

Love in the Time of Corona

25 Apr 2020

In this period, how is our way of looking at the world, at others or at ourselves changing? Being forced to stay at home means that the amount of external input we receive is considerably less than usual: is it maybe time to start looking inside ourselves?

Every now and then, looking at the panorama, I happen to see beyond, to go deeper than the colours and shapes I see: I think of the earth’s core, the warm and dense depths of the planet, invisible to the eyes, that allow us to be alive on its crust. The mantle and the core are hidden, yet they allow life. They pulsate in the depths, like our heart: we cannot see it, we may not even know it is there, or how it is made, yet it is thanks to it that we live. The same goes for the lungs: silent and hidden, they carry out their task with perseverance, bringing oxygen and life to our cells. It would seem that the most important things, those that give us life, are hidden in the depths, invisible to a glance that stops at what is external, what appears, what you see immediately.

In this time of silence, of solitude, of closed doors, of pain, let our gaze be transformed. Let’s begin to look deeply, to look beyond, to look inside ourselves. We could discover a presence, a love, that we perhaps often seek outside, in things, in the outside world, in creatures. But it already dwells within us, in our depths, in our core, in our heart.

Guglielmo Scocco, first years novice

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