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Impressions from Spain

22 May 2021

In another article we asked the novices leaving for Manresa what they expected from their trip. Now that they are back, we asked them:

What about the trip to Spain left the biggest impression on you?

Daniel T:
If I had to describe the week in Spain with one word I would use “pilgrimage”.
Because we met with other pilgrims, that is, with the other novices and the Spanish Jesuits. In a certain sense they are pilgrims too.
Because we walked together with St Ignatius by participating in the Spiritual Diary course, and also by putting our feet on the same places where he lived.
Because after this meeting, we continue to pilgrimage together.

Being able to go down deep: Physically, in Ignatius’ cave, praying, celebrating mass. Spiritually, reading and studying his Diary.

Breathing the atmosphere and immersing myself in the places of Ignatius’ first love, led me to remember and renew within myself what drove me to embark on this journey.

The fact of discovering the Spiritual Diary and thus entering into the intimacy and spiritual depth of a pilgrim.

Sharing the pilgrimage to Montserrat with the novices of the novitiates of Portugal and Spain


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