Jesuit Novitiate
Novitiate of the Euro-Mediterranean Province of the Society of Jesus

Called to new life

28 Sep 2021

Following is demanding, but at the same time it is a gift; it is not the result of an effort, the only effort is to entrust oneself, again and again and again. And therefore, more than an effort, it is an abandonment, a non-opposition, a non-resistance, an overcoming of one’s own efforts to carve out one’s own space of “freedom”, understanding that it is only the Lord who can free me, and not me. On the contrary, little by little, all the obstacles and resistances that one experiences paradoxically become an opportunity to entrust oneself again, to abandon oneself to his hands and recognise one’s own poverty, short-sightedness and squinting.
It is a fertile tension, which leads to coming out of oneself and becoming more and more like Jesus, and not through one’s own efforts, but through the action of another, to whom we manifest our entrustment with the vows, as in a pact, so that we can then remember it in the most difficult moments, so that he can remind us, he who in that moment officially becomes the other party to the “contract” of our life, and can rightly demand of us that we respect it, help us in this, support us, make us ever freer in doing it.
Like the lover with the beloved, he gradually pours himself into us, and we into him; but to do this he must make the vessel capable of containing him, otherwise it would shatter, because it is not yet ready to receive him. This is the only effort to which we are subjected: allowing ourselves to be moulded by his hands so as to become capable of him, abandoning ourselves more and more to him so that he fills us, and no longer us; so that his water of life can soak the sponge of our body, of what we are, and bring us to fulfilment. Not to change us, but to bring us to our noblest, most elevated, fullest state, the state that he thought of for us even before we were born, before the creation of the world, and that we could not even begin to imagine, hunched over by our duties that often conceal from us the true meaning of things, their real nature.
The Lord gives us new eyes, a new heart, a new soul, our own, but renewed, after great labour and effort, so that we can be similar to him in everything, vessels capable of containing his word, which humanises us in us, divinizing us, bringing our true nature to fulfilment.
I desire to be this for you, and you, who have called me to this desire, come and fill me with your grace, your strength, your love, so that I may be able to meet you in your fullest form, that which alone can bring to fulfilment what I am, what you have called me to be, what you have moulded with your hands and are continually sustaining with your spirit, so that I may become a living creature, alive with that life which is you, and which it is our mandate to bring to others, letting ourselves be crossed, to give it in turn, by that spirit which you continue to breathe within us.

2021- 09- 28   Guglielmo Scocco

First profession of vows

15 Sep 2022

On Saturday 17 September 2022, at 5.30 p.m., in our novitiate house, Christian Lefta took his first vows in the Society of Jesus, for the Euro-Mediterranean Province.

For us first-years, it was an emotional moment both because of what vows in the Society represent and because of the affection we have for our brother Christian, who welcomed us last year with his smile, his love and his kindness. We wish Christian all the best and may his life always be a happy one.

We accompany him with our prayers.


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