Jesuit Novitiate
Novitiate of the Euro-Mediterranean Province of the Society of Jesus

C.A. ! Cheers!

by Giacomo Andreetta

For a person like me – born, raised and trained in the world of scautism – it was a surprise to have to join the life of a parish where my service would be to assist with a companion the educators of Catholic Action.

The group is a bunch of high school students, “giovanissimi” it is called. At the end of this first year, I must say that this was a providential choice: the apostolate that the Novice Master has entrusted to me has been really rich and helped me to expand my horizons.

In fact, as Shifu (Kung fu panda 3) says: “If you only do what you know, you will never be more than what you are now“; So this experience not only made me acquainted with the educators who have made a choice of adult faith but also with the guys who – during these senior years – are questioning and want to go deeper into matters of faith and service.

If, on the one hand, I miss the various “Scout rituals” the shorts, the desire for adventure, on the other hand I enjoy the desire to share, the desire to meet, the discovery of a prayer that wants to be more profound and a service that wants to be helpful towards the younger and poorer children of the parish. The relationship of co-operation and friendship with other educators has allowed me and Eduard to meet beautiful and active young people in the parish and in the diocese, who are striving for fulfillment, and wish to convey to others what is beautiful in their relationship with God and with others. Here we also include our pastor, who always takes part in both preparatory meetings and meetings with the boys, and also allows us to share the peculiarities of an Ignatian prayer. These have been intense months, but for sure a period of deep personal growth.


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