Jesuit Novitiate
Novitiate of the Euro-Mediterranean Province of the Society of Jesus

Miklós Forián-Szabó

In seek of fullness

I was born in 2002, the second child, with an older brother and four younger sisters. In my family it was normal to pray together before going to bed or to participate in the life of the parish, each in accordance with his own possibilities. I grew up in Budakalász, near the capital Budapest, surrounded by nature. From an early age I was part of the scout and altar servers, and with time I became responsible for them. For six years I attended the Piarist Secondary School in Budapest and studied for a year at the Corvinus University of Budapest.

At the age of 18, I took part in a retreat. Reflecting on my qualities and desires, I was struck by the idea of dedicating my life to God. I had many plans, to achieve something great. I chose to study economics, to have a well-paying job and a nice family in the future, to do various service activities in my communities. But on that retreat I discovered that He was calling me to something more: to a full life, with Him.

Tasting this inner call, I decided to end a relationship to seek the form in which I could best love and serve. I did not yet know the Jesuits personally. I searched for information on the Internet, coming across the Universal Apostolic Preferences. They often came to mind when thinking about my vocation.

So I asked for a meeting with the vocation promoter, who invited me to an Ignatian retreat to give space to the Lord and not only to my thoughts. I felt at home in the way I prayed and found much fruit in prayer. The impetus of the Lord was pushing me forward, almost putting me in a hurry. After three months, I moved to the Jesuit house of discernment. During the Spiritual Exercises I entrusted all my fears and questions to the Lord. And He was very clear: the path continued towards the Society. So I applied and, after the talks, I entered the Novitiate, where every day I discover something more of the personal mystery of my vocation.

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