Jesuit Novitiate
Novitiate of the Euro-Mediterranean Province of the Society of Jesus



Br. Paride Colombo – house minister

I was born in Valgreghentino (Lecco) in 1952. I worked for 13 years as an employee and I have always worked in the oratory of my parish. After learning about the Society of Jesus in the Triuggio Retreat House (Milan), I realised that my life path could be that of becoming a Jesuit not as a Father, but as a Brother.

I joined the Society at the age of 27. After the Novitiate in Frascati, I continued my education at the faculty of Theology in Naples. This was followed by two years of Regency (a period where the Jesuit is engaged full-time in ministry) at the Jesuit Parish in Ferrara, after which I spent three years in Rome to obtain a diploma in accountancy.

My first destination was Florence, a city where I also pronounced the Final Vows. Here I served as house minister (the person responsible for running the house) and treasurer and I was also part of the vocational reception team. Subsequently, I was transferred to Rome where I served as the Chairman of the India Group Committee, a charitable deed which helps the Missions and which takes care of numerous development projects and help children through distance adoptions and scholarships. My main task was to promote and involve Italian benefactors. I was also lucky to be able get in touch with the realities of India, Madagascar, Sudan, Rep. Congo, Uganda, Angola, Togo, Philippines, Brazil, etc.

Since 2007 I have been in Genoa, as house minister and treasurer of the Novitiate.


The Society of Jesus is made up of priests and brothers.

The Brothers are religious who have felt the call to consecrate their lives to God and to collaborate with Christ’s mission through the witness of their life, lived with humility and love, making themselves available to various services according to the needs of the Society of Jesus.

The identity of the Brothers is therefore not defined primarily by the tasks or the concrete works they carry out, but by the quality of the life they witness, having as their model the Lord Jesus who became everything to everyone and did not come to be served but to serve.

The Brothers live their religious vocation within the only mission of the Society. According to the talents and abilities of each one, they can be involved in every kind of service, from the management of the house to the activities required by the apostolate, directing people through catechesis, teaching, spiritual conversation and spiritual exercises.

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