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A trip with homeless people

10 Dec 2021

One Sunday, I woke up early. Grateful to God that I could wake up today too. Knowing that He has infinite gifts for me: people, nature, air, an environment to love each other. I attend Holy Mass to thank Him for all this and to meet with the body of Christ: Behold the Lamb of God. Now the day begins.
After mass I meet the community of homeless people, volunteers and operators of the first, second and third reception centres, outside the church of San Marcellino. Ready to have a good day together.
Father Nicola Gay SJ and the San Marcellino Association prepared this trip a few weeks ago to have a meeting with the association and the homeless. Great idea! I like it very much, but before going I was thinking about how I could be close to them and how to have a first contact to start a good conversation. Father Nicola came to my aid, advising me to let Christ help me to live this situation for myself before for others and not to worry, accepting them as your brothers”.
We went to the Don Lino Association in the Broxi, where we spent the afternoon cooking, making chestnuts and playing together in the great outdoors, after two years of Covid preventing us from being together.
For lunch we made polenta, with cheese and sausage. It was wonderful to see that homeless men and women, volunteers and workers stood next to each other without feeling any differences. Not thinking for one day about that part of society for which they are a burden. They shared the meal contentedly, living this moment together. Christ has built a real moment of intimate fraternal union. The castagnata after lunch was like a big party. At first the chestnuts were burnt but they were our chestnuts and we ate them anyway.
Thank you God! Thank you for giving me a feast of love every day. Allow me to experience it every day.


Jozsef Fulajtar


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